One of the objectives of the Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association (ANGVA) is to collect, analyze and disseminate information related to the use of natural gas as a clean fuel for vehicles. ANGVA would like to provide such services through this ANGVA2U Info where information, data and news related to NGV are collected and share with ANGVA members periodically. However, these information, data, and news are collected and shared in good faith, without any guarantees of accuracy. Members are advice to use these information and data prudently and at their own risks.

ANGVA2U 1st Issue (01/2018) : 19th July 2018                 -         Please "click here" 

ANGVA2U 2nd Issue (02/2018) : 26th July 2018                -         Please "click here"

ANGVA2U 3rd Issue (03/2018) : 01st August 2018            -         Please "click here"

ANGVA2U 4th Issue (04/2018) : 10th August 2018            -         Please "click here"

ANGVA2U 5th Issue (05/2018) : 16th August 2018            -         Please "click here"

ANGVA2U 6th Issue (06/2018) : 24th August 2018            -         Please "Click here"

ANGVA2U 7th Issue (07/2018) : 30th August 2018            -         Please "Click here"

ANGVA2U 8th Issue (08/2018) : 28th September 2018     -         Please "Click here"

ANGVA2U 9th Issue (09/2018) : 8th November 2018        -         Please "Click here"

ANGVA2U 10th Issue (10/2018) : 23rd November 2018   -         Please "Click here"

ANGVA2U 11th Issue (11/2018) : 04th December 2018   -         Please "Click here"