Directory by Class

Company Class Country Products & Services Categories
Emerson Process Management Co. A China -Automation Systems & Instrumentation Provider
Hexagon Agility A Germany  -Manufacturer Type IV Composite Pressure Vessel
KOGAS A Korea – Gas Supplier
– Refuelling Station Operator
Kwangshin Machine Industry Co., Ltd A Korea -CNG Compressor & Dispenser Manufacturer
Parker Hannifin Corporation A India – Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier
PETRONAS A Malaysia -Gas Supplier
-Refuelling Station Operator
PT Perusahaan Gas Negara A Indonesia
PTT Public Company Limited A Thailand -Gas Supplier
-Refuelling Station Operator
Sime Darby Energy Solutions Sdn Bhd A Malaysia
ANGI Energy Systems C USA – Design and manufacturing CNG refuelling systems
Broadening Consulting LLP C Singapore -Consulting for logistics and transport industry with focus on Energy sector
Bireme Group Pte. Ltd C Singapore – Natural Gas Dryer & Biogas / Natural Gas Upgrading / On-site Nitrogen & Oxygen Gas Generators
Bukit Sedap Pte Ltd C Singapore – Natural Gas Investment Company
Compac Industries Ltd C New Zealand – Manufacturers of dispensers and dispenser technology for CNG stations worldwide
Gas Academy Pte Ltd C Singapore
LGS Solution Sdn Bhd C Malaysia – Consultant for energy, Oil & gas and air pollution sectors
Melchers Techexport GmbH C Germany – Compressor & Dispenser Manufacturer / Supplier
– Vehicle Conversion Workshop
-Vehicle Conversion Kits Manufacturer / Supplier
– Consultant / R&D / Training / Testing
Mirpur Ceramic Works CNG RS & CW C Bangladesh – Refuelling Station Operator
NGVI C Korea – Vehicle Conversion Kit Supplier
PT Citra Nusantara Gemilang C Indonesia – Refuelling Station Operator
– Conversion Workshop Operator
PT Raja Rafa Samudra C Indonesia
Tiger Automotive Co., Ltd C Thailand
TGT Fuel Technologies Pvt. Ltd C India
TN Engineering Sdn Bhd C Malaysia – Vehicle & Engine Converter
APCNGI (Asosiasi Pengusaha CNG Indonesia) D Indonesia – Association
Automotive Data of China Co., Ltd D China – Consultant / R&D / Training / Testing
Korean Association for Natural Gas & Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (KANFV) D South Korea – Association
MANGVI 2018 D Malaysia – Association
NGV Italia D Italy
Thailand NGV Association (TANGV) D Thailand – Association
The Japan Gas Association D Japan – Association