ANGVA Technology & Learning Centre (ATLC)

During its 26th Board Meeting on 26th February 2014, the Board of ANGVA agreed to rename “ANGVA Institute” as “ANGVA Technology & Learning Centre (ATLC)” and to rename “ANGVA Schools” as ANGVA Learning  Centres.   Matters related to safety, incidents, and technologies which were previously under the ANGVA Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) will now be undertaken by ANGVA Technology & Learning Centre.  ASAP is now dissolved.   ANGVA will undertake to provide training courses and workshops through its ANGVA Learning Centres which will be established in various parts of the Asia Pacific region in collaboration with local organizations.

Activities of ANGVA Technology & Learning Centre (ATLC);-

1st August 2014 – ANGVA signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Arian Jahan Energy Company (AJEC) for the establishment of the PARDIS- ANGVA Learning Centre in Tehran, Iran. The objective of the PARDIS – ANGVA Learning Centre is to run educational and training programs on various aspects of NGV in Iran and in countries mutually agreed by AJEC and ANGVA Learning Centre. The PARDIS – ANGVA Learning Centre is run by a Steering Committee comprises of two representatives from AJEC and two representatives from ANGVA Learning Centre to manage and oversee the joint management activities. The establishment of the PARDIS-ANGVA Learning Centre is one of the many activities undertaken by the newly established ANGVA Technology & Learning Centre (ATLC).

27th – 29th August 2014 – ANGVA Technology & Learning Centre (ATLC) conducted an ANGVA Training Workshop on CNG Stations and Vehicles  for personnel of PT Gagas Energi Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia, a subsidiary of PT Perusahaan Negara (PGN), Indonesia. The 3 days training workshop was specifically tailored to the requirement of PT Gagas Energi Indonesia. It was facilitated by 3 facilitators and comprised of two days of classroom lectures and 1 day site demonstration of two types of natural gas vehicles and a refueling station. A total of 28 participants from PT Gagas Energi Indonesia, PGN, and Migas Indonesia, attended and completed the 3 days training workshop and were awarded with certificate of completion at the end of the workshop.