How to join

To join ANGVA, please fill in the Application Form and submit to the Secretariat office via post, fax or email. Once the application is approved by the Membership Committee, the Secretariat will issue invoice for the payment to be made.

Member benefits

Discounts – ANGVA members receive discounts on all ANGVA and affiliated events and publications.

Trust & Confidence– ANGVA membership is a declaration that your organisation strives to set and meet the highest standard in service and product delivery. Membership alongside some of the most trusted names in the industry gives stakeholders the confidence they need when dealing with the many and varied elements of the natural gas vehicles industry.

Cooperation & Opportunity – ANGVA members are working together to create a dynamic and safe NGV industry for all. The membership keeps you in touch with what’s happening in the Asia Pacific region and the world.

Leadership & Expression – ANGVA provides opportunities for your voice to be heard. Whether you have a view on safety and standards, government policies and programmes, or if you simply have idea to share, ANGVA provides a range of fora, workshops, conferences and consultation processes where you can express yourself without fear or favour.

Representation – ANGVA members are invited to participate at the ANGVA Board Meeting, Council and Committee levels. These groups are at the leading edge of industry development in Asia Pacific region.

Mentorship & Networking – Success is contagious! ANGVA is your industry association where you get to associate with industry leaders on an equal footing. ANGVA membership helps you to connect with powerbrokers and decision makers in government and other agencies.